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Principle's Message

It is with great pleasure that I contribute this message to the web site of MR/Thihagoda national school. I am really proud and happy to have a website of our own as it will be a great opportunity for the teachers and students to share the information with the rest of the world.The world has now minimized itself to the global village and we have the member of it.So we too have to update our knlowdge and attitudes in order to co-op with the developing World I wish this website bring success to the speedy development of the school.


This is the first log entry by the first Headmaster Suwaris Appu ...... for the best known facts the first student Don Elias Wimalagunasekara....

What’s New?

The opening ceremony of Mahindodaya Technological Laboratory at Thihagoda National School was held at 18 July 2014 with the Participation of Ms. Chandra Rajapaksha (Madam Speaker) and Mr. Hemal Gunaseka (Deputy Minister of Co-operatives and Internal Trade) and many other Honorable Guests. This photos is dedicated to that unforgettable moment.....

opening ceremony